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Publish and Thrive with Sarra Cannon & Rights Reversion

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If you’ve ever wanted to self-publish but don’t know where to start, one of the most comprehensive courses you can take is from super successful young adult author Sarra Cannon, and it’s called Publish and Thrive.

And guess what? It’s open again!

If you’ve heard of the course and are wondering what it’s all about and if it’s something that will advance your self-publishing career, let me give you a quick tour of all the benefits.

I reviewed this course about a year ago, but I wanted to give you even more information about this course with a little different lens, gearing it toward traditionally published authors wanting to move toward hybrid publishing.

In case you didn’t know, in 2020, my debut series reverted to me from my publisher.

At that point, my publisher handled all the publishing tasks, so I didn’t know the nuances of publishing on my own.

With Publish and Thrive, you get five (5) weeks packed with information about the self-publishing business, starting from the idea phase all the way through publishing, marketing and beyond.

When I first took the course, I had a reverted series already, and I wasn’t planning to change much about it, but the information in the first week was still to how I wanted to proceed with future books in the series.

Module One

This module is all about the basics of setting up the product to sell – the book, while also honing the mindset of an author and what essentials are needed to succeed, such as websites, social media, and newsletters.

Module Two

This module is here Sarra dives deep into the nitty gritty of metadata, categories, keywords, titles, ISBNs, Kindle Unlimited (KDP Select), and going direct to all the platforms.

Taking this module helped me make that decision to go direct with as many platforms as possible, because they all have different benefits, even if it’s a lot of work upfront.

The information is there to give you a comprehensive look at the process, allowing you to make your own decisions for each of the books you publish. This is important because I believe that every single book has its own path. With this module, you’ll be able to make an informed decision for each of your books.

There are also sections about publishing a print book, audiobook, and a newer addition talking about serialized stories.

One of the biggest benefits of this course is the lifetime access to future rounds and updates.

For the August 2022 round, Sarra is re-recording the course, and everyone who has signed up previously doesn’t have to pay extra for it.

(I believe the price is going up for the august round and I think she’s extending the course into 6 weeks instead of five, so if you want to jump in now for a lower price click for my affiliate link)

Module Three

This module is all about running your author business, with videos helping you with taxes, budgeting, calculating series sell through and so on.

Module Four

This module is about marketing your books, and it is packed with practical advice on launch plans, including sample launch plans, advertising your books, using promotional sites, getting reviews and more!

The bonus lesson all about relaunching a series really helped guide me on how I wanted to republish my life after series after reversion. This is a definite MUST WATCH for anyone who is interested in relaunching a book or series after reversion.

Module Five

The final module explores the mindset of a successful author. Sarra is so motivational in her delivery of this information and offers helpful advice on burnout, sticking with your plan and goal setting.

More benefits!

Besides this course being evergreen and you getting all future updates for no added cost, you can take part in the community of writers who have taken the course and have access to Sarra.

With each live session of the course, there are weekly Q&A sessions that are recorded for the course so that you can access every single previous session and all the questions forever!

This gives you a living document of Sarra’s knowledge for years to come.

I love this aspect of the course, because as an alumnus, sometimes I don’t need to take part in a live round, but you bet I’m there when the recordings are live to see if there are new technologies or marketing tactics I can employ in my career.

Also, if I have a question that I want to access other authors, I know I can go to the Facebook group to ask, anytime I want.

Do you have questions about the course?

If not, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

*Links used in this article may be affiliate links. They don’t add any extra cost to you, but when used, offer commission to me. I appreciate your support of my author business.


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